Meet Meghan

My story is the story of so many Coloradans—one of humble beginnings that sparked a passion for progressive values.

My mother was a public elementary school teacher. My father served as a police officer before becoming an estimator at a construction company. They set an example of public service and I am proud to be following in their footsteps. My sister is an incredible single mother who works full-time in real estate. I live with my sister and my niece so that my sister and I can raise her daughter together.

I graduated from high school at Battle Mountain in Eagle County, Colorado, where I grew up surrounded by the stunning nature that defines our state. I received my Bachelor of Arts from Cornell University and my Master of Public Affairs from Princeton University, before returning to Colorado, where I call home.

I was raised with a respect for hard work and entrepreneurship, and I have the experience to translate those values into action. If I am elected, I will be able to make a difference for YOU.

Living My Principles

I have been a progressive leader and advocate for my entire career. I have championed causes including energy, environment and women’s rights on both the local and national stage.

I have dedicated most of my career to energy and environmental issues. I currently work as the Vice President of Policy and Government Affairs at Sunnova Energy Corporation, a solar energy service provider that operates across the U.S. Before that, I spent five years working on energy policy at SolarCity. In these roles, I have worked closely with business and industry leaders, nonprofits, and state and federal policymakers and regulators, to craft and implement policies that provide a more stable, sustainable business environment for solar electricity generation.

I have significant experience as a progressive advocate and I’m an expert at navigating government bureaucracy in order to move critical policies forward. But more importantly, I have the perspective to understand the needs and values of my community.

Working for You

Denver is in a unique period of growth and opportunity and I have the experience to ensure we can grow the economy without leaving behind what makes Denver great: Its people, its spirit and its natural beauty.