Meet Meghan

My story is the story of so many Coloradans—one of humble beginnings that sparked a passion for progressive values.

My mother was a public elementary school teacher. My father served as a police officer before becoming an estimator at a construction company. I am the granddaughter of a potato farmer and a paper mill mechanic. I was raised to respect hard work and public service and I am proud to be following in my family’s footsteps. I have dedicated my career to supporting progressive causes, specializing in renewable energy and environmental policy.

My sister is an incredible single mother. I live with her and my two-year old niece so that I can help my sister raise her daughter. I believe that it’s important to be there for your family when they need you. And I feel the same way about being there for my community—I will be there for you when you need me.

I graduated from high school at Battle Mountain in Eagle County, Colorado, where I grew up surrounded by the stunning nature that defines our state. I received my Bachelor of Arts from Cornell University and my Master of Public Affairs from Princeton University, before returning home to Colorado.

Living My Principles

I have been a progressive leader and advocate for my entire career. I have championed causes including energy, the environment and women’s rights on both the local and national stage.

I have dedicated the majority of my career to energy and environmental issues. I currently manage government affairs and communications at Sunnova, a solar energy company that operates across the U.S. Before that, I spent five years as an energy policy advocate at SolarCity, now Tesla. In these roles, I worked closely with business and industry leaders, nonprofits, and state and federal policymakers and regulators to craft and implement policies that allow more people to install solar on their homes.

I was raised with a respect for hard work and entrepreneurship, and I have the experience to translate those values into action. Because I have been a progressive advocate and I’m an expert at navigating legislative hurdles in order to move critical policies forward, I’m ready to hit the ground running once I am elected.

I am also committed to working with people on all sides of the aisle and from all backgrounds. I believe in taking a collaborative approach to policy-making and ensuring that all stakeholders get to weigh in on the issues that matter to them.

As a Spanish-speaker, I have the ability to communicate with members of the community who prefer to speak Spanish. Como hablo español, puedo comunicar con miembros de la comunidad que prefieren hablar español.

Denver is in a unique period of growth and opportunity and I have the experience to ensure we can grow the economy without leaving behind what makes Denver great: Its people, its spirit and its natural beauty.

My Priorities

If I am elected, I want to stand up for working families, young professionals and retirees in our district and across Colorado.

One of my top priorities is access to and affordability of healthcare. We must work to create a universal healthcare system. We also need to remove military assault style weapons from our streets and our schools. I want to work to find solutions to housing costs and the lack of funding for education. And with one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, Colorado doesn’t need more jobs, we need better-paying jobs that provide a living wage and benefits that include family leave and healthcare. I will also fight for equal pay across the state and for the rights of immigrants to be treated with respect. Finally, I will stand up for our civil rights—for women’s access to reproductive healthcare and for LGBTQ rights and equality.

But I don’t have all the answers. That’s why I want to work closely in partnership with YOU and other members of the community so that together we can figure out where to go from here.

As we think about which leaders we want to support, we need to ensure that we show our intolerance for sexual harassment and bullying by electing people to represent us who will be held to a higher standard. Time is up for legislators who use their position of power to sexually harass those who are vulnerable. And we must not elect bullies who will mislead people with misinformation and aggression. We already have one of those in the White House.

Representing Our Community

I am running for office because I love our community. I want to fight for our shared values and for everyone to have a fair shot in life.

I have spent my career fighting for a cleaner environment and access to renewable energy. Now I want to use my skills to fight for the residents of my community

As a young working professional raising a child within a non-traditional family, I feel that I am uniquely representative of our district and that I understand the struggles many residents face.

I am the only Democratic woman, the only Spanish-speaker, the only person working full-time and the only person raising a child that is running to represent House District 5 in the state legislature. Is it easy to do it all? Definitely not! But I believe in what I’m doing because I believe in our Colorado way of life and I want to fight for our community.

I can’t do it without you, though. I would be honored to have your support. Thank you!

Have questions? Let me know! You can reach me at or at 720-441-5103.